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Event Date:   Fri, 16-Nov-2018

Event Location:   Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Chairman Letter

They event will be chaired by Dr Mohammed Al Khatib and in partnership with Healthplus Diabetes and Endocrinology Center and UE Medical. Dr Mohammed will be working closely with locally renowned and respected speakers in Diabetes.

The objective of the event is delivering cutting edge best practice/guidelines, dynamic question and answer sessions and case vignettes on key diabetic challenges in the UAE.

The event is designed to deliver update guidelines and practices for HCPs and deliver education and knowledge to those who frequently treat and manage patients with diabetic conditions. We are developing the format from the previous edition to incorporate a highly interactive and delegate-friendly approach to the conference with workshops, interactive panels and focussed discussion lectures which will build awareness and education by relating to real-world scenarios and case-studies which will provide real take-home solutions to all involved.

Dr. Mohammed Al-KhatibDr. Mohammed Al-KhatibRead Bio


10.00-10.40 AM

A Future look ahead in the Management of Diabetes – New Drugs and Modern technology Versus Established “Traditional” Care
Dr. Jalal Nafach, Endocrinologist, Emirates Hospital Dubai

10.40-11.20 AM

Update on the latest CV-outcome studies in the management of Diabetes mellitus type 2 – more than Glucose control!
Dr. Mohammad Al Khatib Consultant, Diabetology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine
HealthPlus Diabetes & Endocrinology Center

11.20 AM-12.00 PM

Cardio Renal Metabolic Syndrome: Efficacy of once weekly GLP1 Injections
Dr. Sami Kenz, Consultant Endocrinologist, MOPA

12.00-1.30 PM


1.30-2.10 PM

The Link between Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome on the way to Diabetes mellitus
Dr. Hazem AL Momani, Consultant Bariatric Surgeon, Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Child

2.10-2.50 PM

PCOS and Diabetes – When to screen and how to treat?
Dr. Sadoon Sadoon, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology and Minimal Invasive Surgery, Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Child

2.50-3.00 PM


3.00-3.40 PM

The complications of Diabetes – Maculopathy & Retinopathy from the Ophthalmologist view!
Dr. Igor Kozak, Consultant Ophthalmogist, Moorfields Eye Hospital Center, Abu Dhabi

3.40-4.20 PM

Lifestyle intervention and supplements in the Management of Diabetes – do we need supplements? How effective is lifestyle intervention?
Ms Farah Hillou, College of Naturak & Health Science, Zayed University


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