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Event Date:   Fri, 07-Dec-2018

Event Location:   Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,
This conference aims to deliver valuable insight, knowledge and educational development of the area of Neuro Degenerative Management. Healthcare professionals in the UAE will meet for a one-day intensive CME review of the field of Neuro Degenerative challenges within the UAE. One of its aims being the development and advancement of the latest key trends and updates. Such indicators will have an important role in monitoring future changes in the Neuro health of the population and predicting service needs.

The audience will be challenged to think innovatively about the disease state and the new theories which are arising in the field, the effect of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to patient education and treatment.

Kind Regards,
Dr Ajith Goonetilleke
Consultant Neurologist
Mafraq Hospital

Dr Ajith GoonetillekeDr Ajith GoonetillekeRead Bio


1.30-2.00 pm


2.00-2.10 pm

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

2.10-2.50 pm

Overview of the Dementias

2.50-3.30 pm

Management of Alzheimer’s disease-

3.30-4.10 pm

Case Presentations and Discussion – Dementia

4.10-4.40 pm

Coffee Break

4.40-5.10 pm

Overview of the Extrapyramidal Disorders

5.10-5.50 pm

Management of Parkinson’s Disease–

5.50-6.30 pm

Case Presentations and Discussion – Extrapyramidal Disorders

6.30-7.10 pm

Updates on Therapies for Neurodegenerative Disorders – Ajith Goonetilleke

7.10-7.20 pm

Chairman’s Closing Remarks

7.20 pm


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